Hello! This is Chris Yiu, your photographer in the Toronto area.
I have always been fascinated by the power of photography since I was young. However, it wasn’t until 2007 when I can finally afford to purchase my own camera to capture my then-girlfriend’s (now wife) university convocation. Since then, I became very attached to photography, especially its capability to capture memorable moments that would revive special emotions when the images are viewed. This explains my photojournalistic approach to photography. The services I provide include engagement sessions, wedding photography, coverage of events, and portraiture photography.

I am involved in all my photo shoot sessions, from beginning to end.
I want to ensure I have control of what I deliver to you. I don't outsource any part of the process to anyone other than working with my incredible team of assistant photographers. Whether it's initial consultation, doing the actual work, or the post processing, it's all done in house and by myself.

I never thought I am the best photographer for everyone out there.
I have confident in my work, but I never thought I am the best, because it's hard to define "the best" in the world of photography. I treat each and every client's job as an individual project. We (clients and I) work together to create the end product that you've envisioned. I'll do whatever it takes for us to get there; Whether it's stopping the traffic, hiding in the bush or jumping with the clients - I want you to have the confidence and the fun! As long as we share the same goal, the end result will definitely be "the best".

Inside Chris - Travel, Technology and Our pets
I talk to each client as if we are friends, which many of them eventually became friends with me. Few things you may be interested in about knowing me:

  • I love to travel to different places whenever we have free time (and money). We enjoy the difference in cultures and lifestyles which open up our perspectives into many things in life. You can find myself dedicated a section just for travelling!
  • Having worked in the I.T. field for most of my career besides photography, it is not surprising that I love gadgets. I am "the person that you know" that would go line up for new products - Photography equipments and mobile devices especially. You may be able to find some technology related posts in the blog area.
  • We have two kids: Snowie & Goolu

If my style works for you, feel free to drop me a line!